February 6th, 2017

Hard Stare

On being boggled by technological advances [tech blog post, by me]

I had Sinclair Microdrives on my ZX Spectrum. They were better than tape cassette but nothing else -- ~90 kB of slowish, rather unreliable storage.

So I bought an MGT DISCiPLE and an old-fashioned, but new, cheap 5¼" 80-track, DS/DD drive in an external case.

780 kB of storage! On demand! Programs loaded in seconds! Even when I upgraded to an ex-demo 128K Spectrum from Curry's, even 128 kB programs loaded in a (literal) flash!

(MGT's firmware strobed the Spectrum's screen border, in homage to loading from tape, so you could see the data streaming into memory.)

That was the first time I remember being excited by the size and speed of my computer's storage.
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