October 27th, 2015

Hard Stare

A Brief History of Virtualisation

As far as I can recall, I didn't plug this at the time, as this series of 5 articles for the Register was later collated into my first-ever book - a Kindle ebook of the same title: http://bit.ly/trabhov

However, that was about 4 years ago now and as it's one of the few times in my tech career that I have accurately predicted a future technology trend -- i.e., containers -- I think it's time.

You can buy the ebook here if you would like to support my work -- no, I don't get royalties, but it will endear me to the Reg:


Or, if you're a cheapskate and just want to read the content for free, then here are the component articles:






(Part 3 is the one about containers)

Enjoy. Buy a copy for all your friend, it's the ideal holiday gift!